K H.

I have used Super Brothers plumbing for a few different occasions. The first was to install a water softener that I had purchased. While they were running a water line in my crawl space they took pictures of my kitchen area drain pipe. They showed me the pictures (I had 2 different companies prior to Super Brothers and they didn’t bother to look when I said that there was an odd smell under my kitchen sink) they found the source of the smell. They gave me a very fair price to replace the portion of the pipe that had rotted through. Great customer service during a stressful time.

The second time was to find out why they there was a weird draining issues in both bathrooms. I could not replicate the issue (of course) so in conversation we talked about the clean out and I showed him where it was and he say that there was an issue with a back up. He quickly snaked the clean out (less than 10 minutes) wrote up the invoice and was out within an hour.

The issue? “Flushable” wipes.

Ray H. was polite, timely, knowledgeable, professional and even arrived prior to the appointment time.

I will use Super Brothers again and would recommend their company and services.